Grow and Learn

Grow and Learn was initiated by the social and therapeutic horticultural organisation Thrive. This site brings together a range of accessible information for you to learn about gardening and try out your literacy, numeracy and ICT Skills. The step by step gardening guides, activities and interactive games have been tried and tested by a wide range of learners and are based on the work carried out by Thrive since 1978.

Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines

Matrix e-Business has constructed the site using their expertise in interactive multimedia technology. The site has been built using Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines and content creation standards specified by the National Grid for Learning ensuring that Grow and Learn is accessible and easy to use. Simple on screen instructions allow you to easily move around the site, play the games and test your skills.


Grow and Learn is part of the Community Grid for Learning network providing easily available and accessible learning resources across the UK via the World Wide Web.

Thank you to Nottingham Trent University for their initial development work on the Grow and Learn website.

This site was funded by a grant from the New Opportunities Fund as part of the Community Grid for Learning Initiative.

A New Opportunities Funded Project
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